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Scholarship & Donation


The non-profit organization SWEA, Swedish Women Educational Association, has a presence around the world with around 6000 members. Members are Swedish speaking women.

SWEA’s fundamental purpose is to support and preserve the Swedish language as well as to promote knowledge about Swedish history, culture, education and traditions. SWEA DC Scholorship therefore solely support activities that agree with these purposes.

Scholorships have earlier been given to concert and theater performances, art exhibits, conferences and studies with a connection to Sweden. Year 2014 awards were made to the Swedish Song Group, the Swedish School for Children, the Swedish Adult School and the Swedish Lutheran Church of Washington DC. An individual scholarship was given to Julie Ross of George Mason University.

Scholarships applicants are encouraged to consider a variety of topics and fields of study, as long as they relate to Sweden, for example, study of the Swedish language, fine arts or the performing arts, finance, health care, journalism, law or urban planning to name a few. Knowledge of Swedish is not a requirement.

SWEA DC’s Donation and Scholarship Committee stipulates that scholarship or donation recipients be connected to the regional Washington DC area.

Scholarship will not be awarded to member or members relatives.



Fund provides financial support for activities designed to encourage, preserve, promote and develop the Swedish history, Swedish language, concerts, theater, exhibitions, Swedish traditions inventions and technological development around the world. The organization (non profit) or person applying needs to have a connection to the Washington DC area.

Donation will not be awarded to member or members relatives.