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SACU/SWEA Luncheon May 23

Swedish American Cultural Union (SACU) is holding a lunchen in collaboration with SWEA Washington DC

DATE:  May 23, 2018

SPEAKER:  Ulf Barslund Mårtensson, Publisher and Editor, Nordstjernan

TITLE:  Embracing Change:  Engaging a Swedish-American Audience in the 21st Century

Nordstjernan, the premier newspaper for Swedish-Americans, prides itself as having been “in print, not missing a beat since 1872.”  We are pleased to have the paper’s publisher and editor, Ulf Mårtensson, as our May luncheon speaker. Founded when Ulysses S. Grant was campaigning for his second presidential term, Nordstjernan was a key source of information for newly-arrived Swedish immigrants about both the Old World and, eventually, the New. Initially composed with moveable type and featuring hand-engraved illustrations, the publication has evolved with changing technology and today is available in both hard copy and electronic form.  Mr. Mårtensson will discuss how Nordstjernan similarly has kept pace with changes in journalistic style and reader interests to appeal to today’s vastly different audience.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are delighted to welcome the participation in this month’s luncheon of the Swedish Women’s Educational Association, Washington, D.C.  We are grateful for SWEA’s former president Kate Novak recommending Mr. Mårtensson as speaker for this first-of-its-kind collaboration of our two organizations.

You must make your reservation by NOON on Sunday, May 20, 2018. See below for more information and how to register.

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